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Ash B
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Haroon was fantastic in is assistance. I'm grateful for his help and hop to continue using his service.
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Mike Cain
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Excellent service and loads of knowledge, very fortunate to have Haroon looking after my business financials. Highly recommended.

Run Your Own Accountancy practice

If you are looking for a proven route to develop your own profitable accountancy business and and asset for your future, The Taxation franchise will provide the systems and support you need to grow your business quickly and successfully. You will have options either choose our brand name “The Taxation” or pick your own business name. We will assist you in setting up your business using our Tax system.

In addition to these services, specialist in head office will help you build your Financial Planning, Broking and Insurance business. Become a Registered Tax Agent or BAS Agent

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Our Franchise Opportunity

Before you sign up to our franchise it is important to have a good understanding of The Taxation business model and the role you will play in developing your business. We are looking to grow our network further by taking on franchisees who share our vision of offering a first class service to small business and self-employed clients via home office or shop premises.

Franchise Opportunity
Become a Registered Tax Agent or BAS Agent

Own Our Brand
"The Taxation"

Become a Registered
Tax Agent

Become a Registered
BAS Agent

We will guide you and take you through the whole process to become a Registered Tax Agent

Franchise FAQs
Frequently Asked Questoins about Joing The Taxation

here are a variety of candidates that can fit our “ideal.” Our Tax Franchise is a perfect opportunity for accountants or bookkeepers looking to start their own business, entrepreneurs with a small or mid-sized firm looking to get to the next level, accountants from the Big 4 seeking a new opportunity, or simply driven individuals who want job security and to be their own boss. Sound like you? Let’s talk.

We take pride in our extensive training process that sets you up for success, no matter your level of experience. We fly potential franchisees out to headquarters to get a taste of the business model. Ready to get started? You’ll spend a week at our training school at HQ, a week with on-site training at a mentor’s store, and then time at your own store to get things up and running.

Training doesn’t stop once your doors are open. Our management team will conduct annual on-site visits, offer regular headquarter training sessions, and assist you with marketing support, research and development, and more. Learn more on our Training and Support page.

Your initial investment will depend on your current business model. Do you already have an existing business, office, and employees? Your startup costs will be less than a franchisee who is starting from scratch. The Taxation representative would be happy to discuss where you fall on the investment range.

The answer to this is “NO”, you will not be required to open a shop. However, all the evidence shows that the extra credibility, visibility and walk-in business that a shop brings, help franchisees to build a much larger practice, much more quickly than working from home. If you plan to run your practice from office or shop, we will assist you in setting up as per franchise standard requirements.

When you join The Taxation you will be engaging in public practice; therefore if you belong to an accountancy institute, they will almost certainly require you to obtain a practising certificate. Talk to us, how can we assist you in getting a practice certificate.

The term of the Franchise Agreement is five years, but this is renewable by you every five years for an administration fee of $1500 – assuming you have operated the franchise as set out in the Franchise Agreement including meeting your minimum targets. In most cases, we anticipate franchisees will renew the Franchise Agreement to continue the franchise every five years until they dispose of it at some future date. We also now offer at our discretion a 10-year plus Franchise Agreement.

Yes, the client base is a considerable asset built up and owned by you. There are various deferred fees to consider which are laid out in our Franchise Agreement, which you would factor into your selling price.

If we offer you a franchise, you can reserve an exclusive postcode territory for 30 days for which we require a deposit of 10% of the Franchise Fee. If you enter into a Franchise Agreement with us then the deposit will be credited against the Franchise Fee. If for any reason the Franchise Agreement is not signed before two weeks prior to the Commencement Date then we will agree to refund the deposit less a sum to cover any expenses incurred by us.

We give you guidance on the level of fees that you should charge your clients, but the final decision on the exact amount is up to you.

Become a Registered BAS Agent & Registered Tax Agent

It all depends upon individual experience and qualifications. You will require up to 1800 hours of supervision and you may need to obtain certain qualifications (as per TPB approved RTOs). As soon as you join us, you will starting your practice immediately.

Yes, in this programe you won’t be able to receive benefits of using our brand name “The Taxation” however we will assist you in seeting up your own brand and you will be in practice immidiately.

Our experts who are also registered Tax Agents will supervise you through out your journey to achieve Tax Agent Registeration

  • Access to the Tax Portal
  • Set up Tax accounting Software
  • Initial online training for 3 days
  • Ongoing support on technical issues

– entry fee

– small % charge on your client’s tax lodgement revenue which covers our supervision work

– Tax accounting software monthly

 – up front fee for membership subscription charges


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