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To complete Individual income tax return, following interview sheet should be completed and supporting documents should be attached where applicable. The checklist provides a general list of major issues that should be addressed. (The checklist is not designed to be an exhaustive list of all issues that may warrant consideration.)

Max. file size: 2 GB.
Please include an evidence of identity(Eg. Passport, Driving license, student id Card etc..)
Final tax return: if you know this is your final tax return?
Obtain and attach PAYG payment summaries and if applicable paid parental leave payments

Allowances And Earnings

Allowances, earnings, tips, director’s fees etc.

Employer Lump Sum Payments for Unused annual and long service leave paid out on termination of employment*

Obtain and attach a copy of “statement of termination”

Employment termination Payment (ETPs)

Obtain and attach ETP payment summaries
Government allowances such as Newstart, Youth and austudy payment
Australian Government pensions and other allowances

Attributed personal services income

Obtain all payment summaries – personal services attributed income and details of any other personal services attributed to the taxpayer.
Australian annuities and superannuation income streams
Australian superannuation lump sum payments
Attributed personal services Income
Gross interest
Obtain and attach dividends statements
Employee Share Schemes (ESS)
Obtain and attach Employee Share Schemes statement
Supplementary Income or Loss
If you are not sure, please call 01234567890 or email for details.


Work related Car expenses Have you used Car for employment or Business purpose
Have you maintained log book for 12 Consecutive weeks in last 5 years to ensure business use ( Percentage) of the vehicles.

Motor vehicle expenses worksheet:-
Vehicle Details Vehicle make and model

Motor Vehicle Expenses :-
If you do not have log book, please leave Blank

D2. Work related Travel Expenses

a. Domestic travel
b. Overseas travel

D3. Work related uniform, occupation specific or protective clothing, laundry and dry cleaning expenses

D4. Work related self-education Circumstance where these expenses are allowable

1. Self-education enables the taxpayer to maintain or improve skill and knowledge
2. Self-education leads to, or is likely to leads to, and increase in a taxpayer’s income
3. If taxpayers is employed as a trainee or apprentice which required to complete this course

Expenses relating to self-education that may be claimed

D5. Other work related expenses

Tax Offsets

Medicare levy related items

Have you applied Permanent Visa ?
Are you Medicare facility entitlement:

M1. Medicare levy reduction or exemption

( if you are not sure, leave it blank, we will contact you for more details)
( if you are not sure, leave it blank, we will contact you for more details)

M2. Medicare levy surcharge (MLS)

Were you and all your dependents covered by private patient Hospital cover?
Max. file size: 2 GB.

Spouse Details

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Max. file size: 2 GB.

file must be less than 2mb

Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png txt pdf doc docx xls xlsx xml.

Note: consider application of the personal services income (PSI) attribution rules in relation to any income derived by an interposed entity that is personal services income (PSI) of the individual. (PSI is included in the individual’s personal income tax return. PSI is income that is mainly a reward for an individual’s personal efforts or skills).

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